The Lost Campfire

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"The Lost Campfire" is an exciting game where daylight gives way to night darkness and danger. You have to fight for survival in the heart of the wild.

During the day, you'll explore the dark depths of the forest surrounding your camp. Explore the territory, collect valuable resources and free allies captured by terrible monsters.

With the onset of darkness, the world will change. Mysterious creatures and insidious monsters will begin to emerge from their hiding places, trying to devour you and your fire. You will have to prove your courage and skill by defending your camp from hordes of hungry monsters. Speed and accuracy in shooting and skillful use of resources will become your faithful companions in the battle against darkness.

Can you survive this harsh struggle between light and darkness by making good choices during the day and fighting fearlessly at night? Show off your skills and lead your mysterious camp to victory in The Lost Campfire.







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