Speed Demons Race

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Huge, powerful, brutal Monster Trucks. And what if we arrange a race on them? In the game Speed Demons Race you will be able to assemble your own Monster Truck and surpass all rivals!

Each rider is faced with the task of driving a difficult track with hills, slopes, overcoming metal jumps, driving through containers, destroying wooden boxes. Only cool pilots can do it all!

Winning and performing tricks, please the audience and earn coins for it, and use them to improve your Monster Truck.

The right arrow key or the pedal on the right on the screen is gas. The gas accelerates the car on the ground, and in the air rotates the car counterclockwise.

The left arrow key or the pedal on the right on the screen is the brake / reverse gear. On the ground, he brakes the car, and after a complete stop, he turns on the reverse gear. In the air, the car rotates clockwise.

The space bar or the acceleration button on the screen is turbo. You can activate the turbo after it is fully charged.


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